We can ceramic coat and detail just about anything you desire!

RVS , Automobiles , Boats , Airplanes , Industrial Surfaces , and Trains

Due to the custom nature of our work, we do not post pricing as it can vary greatly from service to service.

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Stage 1


This level of service includes:

  • Soap and water wash cleaning all exterior surfaces

  • Clean and condition plastics if needed

  • Final wipe down to remove streaking and any residue

  • Microfiber dry all exterior surfaces

  • If your investment needs more care and polishing we recommend a higher level of service

Stage 2


This level of service includes:

  • Stage 1 service level

  • Machine polishing and waxing of desired surfaces

  • Buff out micro-marring and oxidation on exterior paint

  • Remove paint surface scratches and imperfections

Stage 3


This level of surface includes:

All Stage 1 & 2 service levels PLUS:

IGL World-Class Ceramic Coating

ceramic coatings protect your investment from mother nature’s wear and tear.

  • Warranted from 2-3 years!!

  • We can Ceramic Coat almost any Surface…. From Exterior surfaces to Interior Fabric

  • Our Truly Amazing Coating Process Seals Your Investment from the Elements

  • Let us Discuss With You Which Coating Package is Best for Your Needs

Granite & Marble Countertop Protection

We now offer a Ceramic Coating process that SEALS your countertops!

  • seal the pores in your granite and marble

  • make cleaning much easier and feel safe knowing nothing is left behind

  • Inquire on our CONTACT page for pricing and to book a consultation

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